Giatsu Aroma Fault code


Mensaje por Tony1418 » 03 Jul 2020 08:40

First ever post so please excuse if its in the wrong place
Our Giatsu Aroma air conditioning unit has stopped working with an E-1 fault showing, I turned the power off for apprx 10 mins and restarted and the unit worked for about two or three minutes and then stopped working and showed the E1 fault.
I checked the outside overflow pipe which seemed to be twisted but is okay now but wondered if this could be the problem and all i need is a new pipe
Any help please ?
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Mensaje por chispas-gs » 05 Jul 2020 10:44

Doesn't say the model
In most Daitsu it means high pressure

No dice el modelo
En la mayoria de los Daitsu significa alta presion
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